Rent Our Truck - Get Your CDL!


Guaranteed to pass on your first try or your second try is FREE!!!

Regular Rates:

$1,500 will rent our tractor and trailer for you to become familiar with our equipment and develop the skills you will need to pass your driving test. You will be able to use the very same truck for your driving test. While you are renting the truck a licensed and experienced CDL holder will be available so you may legally drive on the street.

We accept: cash, cashier’s check, credit cards, or debit cards.

Payment will be due on the day you practice unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

$100 per hour for additional practice time.

Free: All of our customers will have access to “FREE” assistance in the following areas.

  • Free material to help you prepare for the CDL written test for your permit.
  • Free material to help you prepare for the pre-trip portion of the test.
  • Tests and study sheets to help you prepare for various parts of the tests.
  • Useful links that will be a great asset in helping you prepare for permit tests, pre-trip tests, driving tests, and skill tests. We have links to what we feel are the most useful videos and sources of information. You are free to look at and use any, or all, of the free information we make available to help you prepare for your permit and driving test. However you are under no obligation to look at, study, or make use of any of the resources we make available to you.